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Fabric Design Competition

We are now taking entries up to and including 23rd November!

fabric design competitionWe decided to have an autumn-y pattern design competition, hmm, trees, vegetables, harvest, halloween, what’s a good topic?

So, combining some of those, and inspired by Josef Frank’s awesome Vegetable Tree design, we have decided our competition theme will be: Vegetables. and Trees.

If you talented people would like have a go at winning a £50 voucher to spend at Lacuna Press, please send your pattern design image entry to us by 20th November. I will then post all entires onto our facebook page, and the one with the most likes by the very end of 30th November will win the competition.

Do contact me if you have any questions!

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Featured Designer: Bryony Ford


We fell in love with Bryony’s fox design when she sent it to us to print, and we were delighted when she said she would let us list it in our shop. More wonderful colourways and designs from Bryony will be listed very soon. Do please keep them coming Bryony! And thank you too for writing this lovely article. Images and text copyright of Bryony Ford

My background:

foxfabricsmallI have studied Fine Art, Textiles and Photography as A Levels, at Weymouth college, I followed this with a Foundation year. I have always been interested in mixing up the different subjects and find that designing illustrations for fabric is a fantastic way of integrating fine art with textiles, I find this particularly satisfying as I have always liked it when my designs have a practical application.
At college I experimented a lot with screen printing, which definitely inspired me, but it took the discovery of Lacuna Press and digital fabric printing to really make me see the potential of having my designs on fabric.

My Design Inspiration:

axolotlonredfabricsmallI work in a lovely old fashioned Art & Craft shop in Dorset, where it seems that every possible thing is sold! I find being surrounded by all sorts of different materials and equipment at work, helps me to become interested in a huge variety of creative outlets, and advising customers gives me the motivation to try out new things all the time. I am particularly attached to the spinning and weaving side of things; using traditional equipment such as spinning wheels and looms gives me a real appreciation of the production and uses of fabric, and its rich history.
The most inspiring side of working in this environment, in regards to my own creative work, is the inspiration of colour, there is nothing quite like rows and rows of paint tubes and boxes of pastels to really give you an appreciation for colour!
As for the subjects of my designs, I have always lived my life surrounded by the natural world, and I tend to turn to this automatically for inspiration. Growing up on Portland on the Dorset coast as the daughter of a local naturalist, I spent most of my time, when I wasn’t in school or reading, walking around this beautiful, although often bleak, unusual landscape. The local foxes were never actually seen parachuting through the sky with umbrellas, but I did have a rather over-active imagination.

How I Work:

I like to utilise the technology available today, but I also still like to draw by hand. I create the outlines of my design as a sketch in pen on paper, which I then scan and send to my iPad, I use a simple stylus along with the lovely application Procreate, to add in layers of colour to my design,keeping everything separate so that I can tweak the colours later. I find using the iPad really helps with control.
When I am happy with the main feature of the design, I then draw the background element separately and export the whole lot into Photoshop, where I assemble the repeating pattern.