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Designed Fabric Directory


We’ve been working on our Designed Fabric listings. They were a bit hit or miss before, but now they are all working properly.

We’ve included all the customisation elements that are present in the custom fabric design screen, i.e. different pattern repeat types; the ability to scale the image, making it bigger or smaller; the full range of our fabrics to choose from.

Not all the pattern repeat types will work well with all the designed fabric images, but grid repeat, mirror repeat, no-repeat and centre will work with all of them. So now you can customise our designed fabrics!

Lucy Faulkner’s Blooms look spectacular!

Our New and Improved Designed Fabric Customisation Screen
Our New and Improved Designed Fabric Customisation Screen

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Happy Textile Printing New Year!

Herringbone Pattern Demonstration

Lacuna Press is open again for fabric printing! We’ve had a lovely time over the holidays updating our website, getting rid of some of the quirks of our preview to make it a more useful and intuitive tool, and adding a whole new pattern type which we are sure you will find very useful – Herringbone Pattern.

Textile Design Preview/Website feedback

Do please email us if you have any feedback about our website, or other aspects of our business – we are always looking for ways to refine our service. We have plenty more ideas ourselves that we are working on; we’ll let you know here when we release another new feature live.

Free Fabric Swatch Pack for Students

Also, for January, we are offering students a free fabric swatch pack. To claim your free pack please email your valid student matriculation card number, course name and institution, to us, and we will send you back a “free fabric swatch pack” coupon to use on our website.

Try out our new Herringbone Pattern Repeat

Herringbone Pattern
Click to try out our new Herringbone Pattern Repeat