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Fabric Price Increases

Our supplier for silks and some finer cottons, who has for the last couple of years been edging up prices, little by little, has just told us that their current prices, from now, will be increased by a third.

So, sadly, we’ve had to raise our silk prices, and will need to drop some of our finer cotton fabrics which already have too small a margin.

We know you rely on us, for some silks in particular, and we’re really sorry to have to do this.


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Half Panama Cotton & Natural Linen Union now available as 110cm Printed Width

Lacuna Press has been through a lot of change over the last year or so, for which we apologise if you found a favoured fabric come, then go.

One major change was the retirement of our wider-width printer (we called it Cobalt), which was always just too, um, quirky, causing us no end of smudges and reprints. We thought we had lost our popular, high quality, Half Panama Cotton and Linen Union fabrics along with it.

Good news!

We’ve found a way to continue with our Half Panama Cotton and Linen Union fabrics using our trustworthy, smaller-width printers (we call them Alpha, & Bauhaus). This has been confirmed in style this weekend, over which we’ve printed 100 metres of colourful Half Panama Cotton Ultra fabric for a Designer Maker.

Fabric Prices

We’re currently selling our Half Panama Cotton Ultra fabric (Ultra fabrics are coated for increased colour density and wash-fastness), all printed and inclusive, for £20 per metre for a 110cm width, and £10 per metre for a 40cm width, the latter being v. handy for testing & sampling, cushions & bags, and so on.

The Natural Linen Union (Bleached Linen Union to follow soon) is currently selling for £24 per metre, for a 110cm width. There will be a smaller width option for this, too, though I am not exactly sure what that will be, yet.

Do come and take a look.

Blacker Black Ink

The other big change we’ve already discussed is our Blacker, Black Ink :)