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New Fabrics for Custom Printing

We’re pleased to introduce two new base fabrics for custom printing that we hope you will find useful.

  • Our 210gsm Cotton Polyester blend (70% Cotton, 30% Polyester) has a soft feel and a lovely, slightly slubby, woven texture.
  • Our 195gsm Plain Cotton Ultra is a smooth 100% cotton fabric that has been treated to show more intense colour and finer detail for your custom prints.
Our New Fabrics, Click to Customise your own
Our New Fabrics, Click to Customise your own
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Lacuna Press Design Library – Julius Klinger

julius klinger butterflies pattern

Julius Klinger

Julius Klinger (May 22, 1876 – 1942) was an Austrian Painter, draftsman, illustrator, commercial graphic artist, typographer and writer, who produced many highly inventive and striking images.

Lacuna Press Design Library

We’ve set up a Design Library in our custom fabric printing catalogue, and have started with some of Klinger’s quirky images, which we’ve edited for fabric printing. In our Design Libray you can select an image to scale as you wish, and experiment with different pattern repeats, before printing onto fabric.

We’ll be gently adding more designs to our library, so do drop by to take a look.

Inspired to Make a Hobo Bag

I love Klinger’s quirky designs, so have used a couple of them (each at 150dpi and with a brick repeat) to print a reversible Hobo Bag onto our 309gsm Half Panama Cotton Ultra. I’ll be back tomorrow to show you my Klinger bag.

I've used two Klinger designs (each at 150dpi and using a half brick repeat) to print this hobo bag onto our 309gsm Half Panama Cotton
I’ve used two Klinger designs to print this hobo bag onto our 309gsm Half Panama Cotton

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Organic Half Panama Cotton now in stock

We’re delighted to have a GOTS certified organic cotton on our shelves: our new Organic Unbleached 300gsm Half Panama Cotton, which we are selling at £20 per metre for a 110cm printed width. It’s a lovely unbleached pale toast colour, and the usual pleasing half panama weave.

A new, lighter weight Half Panama Cotton Ultra, which weighs in at a very useful 230gsm, will also be on the shelves tomorrow.

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Fabric Price Increases

Our supplier for silks and some finer cottons, who has for the last couple of years been edging up prices, little by little, has just told us that their current prices, from now, will be increased by a third.

So, sadly, we’ve had to raise our silk prices, and will need to drop some of our finer cotton fabrics which already have too small a margin.

We know you rely on us, for some silks in particular, and we’re really sorry to have to do this.


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Half Panama Cotton & Natural Linen Union now available as 110cm Printed Width

Lacuna Press has been through a lot of change over the last year or so, for which we apologise if you found a favoured fabric come, then go.

One major change was the retirement of our wider-width printer (we called it Cobalt), which was always just too, um, quirky, causing us no end of smudges and reprints. We thought we had lost our popular, high quality, Half Panama Cotton and Linen Union fabrics along with it.

Good news!

We’ve found a way to continue with our Half Panama Cotton and Linen Union fabrics using our trustworthy, smaller-width printers (we call them Alpha, & Bauhaus). This has been confirmed in style this weekend, over which we’ve printed 100 metres of colourful Half Panama Cotton Ultra fabric for a Designer Maker.

Fabric Prices

We’re currently selling our Half Panama Cotton Ultra fabric (Ultra fabrics are coated for increased colour density and wash-fastness), all printed and inclusive, for £20 per metre for a 110cm width, and £10 per metre for a 40cm width, the latter being v. handy for testing & sampling, cushions & bags, and so on.

The Natural Linen Union (Bleached Linen Union to follow soon) is currently selling for £24 per metre, for a 110cm width. There will be a smaller width option for this, too, though I am not exactly sure what that will be, yet.

Do come and take a look.

Blacker Black Ink

The other big change we’ve already discussed is our Blacker, Black Ink :)