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Calling our Talented Customers – Come and Set Up a Shop within our Shop

Many of you sell your own designs, in the form of printed fabric, or sewn items. We love what you do! And we’d love to list your products made from custom printed textiles on our website, inside your own shop. A shop within a shop which you set up and maintain yourself.

If you don’t currently sell your own designs, perhaps this is a good way to start?!

List your Own Products

Add your own description, customisation attributes, images – a main image, and additional gallery images, searchable tags, postage charge and so on.

A demo product that has been set up within our Lacuna Press demo shop
A demo product that has been set up within our Lacuna Press demo shop

Free to Set Up

It is currently free to set up a shop within our shop.

Payment and Orders are made Direct to You

Payment is received via paypal, direct to your own paypal account, and you fulfill your orders direct to your customer, just as you do now.

Our Commission

We take a commission fee for your sold items; currently set at 10%. This is deducted before your direct payment is made.

Custom Fabric Discount!

…but we will also set up a 10% discount code for printed fabric, for everyone who sets up a shop on our site!

Set Up Shop!

Add your own description and formatting. Your own shop will have its own web address, which will be clickable from within each of your products.

Lacuna Press Meta Shop

We will list all the shops within an overall shop directory, and all the separate items will be displayed within a meta-shop. Add tags to your listed products so that they can be organised and searched for on our website.

Apply to set up your own shop

Our requirements are:

  1. That you are already a customer of Lacuna Press
  2. That you have high quality photographs and descriptions for the products you would like to sell via our website
  3. That your products are made from custom printed fabric
  4. That you set your own clear terms and conditions for your shop-within-a-shop customers

That’s it! Email Jane to apply.

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