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Draught Excluder


I’m pleased to have solved two storage problems this morning: a sample length of cotton sateen 40cm deep by 110cm wide, and a pile of fibre for spinning that has been getting in the way for a few years, but can’t be got rid of because some day I will get round to spinning it, for sure.

I folded the fabric right sides together then sewed around 3 edges, turned it inside out and stuffed it full of my fibre. I pressed the sides of the short raw edge together and, since it was a selvedge edge that will not fray, I just sewed it along near the edge, on the outside. It looks pretty neat. I used a big stitch when sewing that end so that if I ever get round to washing it, or extracting the fibre to spin, I will be able to do so easily.


Much neater now :\