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Extreme Fabric Testing!

all the test fabrics

As a big fan of pigment printed textiles I thought I would do an extreme washing test to demonstrate the washability of this environmentally friendly fabric printing process.

My extreme washing testing method

  1. Take 5 of our fabric swatches (Half Panama Cotton happened to be at hand)
  2. Iron two of the fabric swatches, and leave three unironed.
  3. Place one unironed and one ironed fabric swatch inside a fabric bag with a drawstring top. Place the bag into a full load of washing.
  4. Place one unironed and one ironed fabic swatch straight into the washing.
  5. Keep the remaining fabric swatch unwashed for comparison.
  6. Run the hottest (95 degrees), roughest cycle my machine offers, using my normal washing liquid.

Extreme Testing Results

You can click each image to enlarge it. Notice the fraying around the edges of the washed fabrics; they were washed pretty roughly! The ironed and bagged fabric looks a little yellow from my iron :(

unwashed fabric
Ironed and Bagged
Ironed and Bagged
Unironed and Bagged
Unironed and Bagged
Ironed, Unbagged
Ironed, Unbagged
Unironed, Unbagged
Unironed, Unbagged

Fabric Testing Conclusion

The best outcome is definitely for those fabric swatches that have been bagged before being put into the machine. After that, ironing the fabric first also helps a little, too.


I am not recommending that you wash your pigment printed fabrics at 95 degrees in a rough machine cycle, but I hope this demonstrates that pigment printed fabrics, like other printed fabrics, can stand up to a fair bit of washing, and that the most important thing you can do to preserve your pigment printed fabrics is to protect them from creasing and rubbing against other items in the wash.

Please click here to see our advice for washing your Lacuna Press printed fabrics.