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Printer DPI and Image and Colour Quality

Although most short run fabric printers can only print using up to 720 ink droplets per inch, at Liberty Press we use different technology and have chosen a different route: we print your fabrics with a super high quality 1440 ink droplets per inch.

This is not something you have to worry about when you place your order – whatever dpi you select to print your image at (thereby determining the scale of your image) our printer still prints it out at a super high quality 1440 ink droplets per inch.

What is better about printing at 1440dpi?

When printing at 1440dpi, the printer uses twice as many ink droplets to produce your print than if it was printed at 720dpi. This has the effect of making your printed image more clearly defined, and, most importantly, it vastly increases the range of colours that can be printed. This is because each colour can be mixed more accurately when twice as many ink droplets are being used.

Print dpi does not affect the most basic colours so much (for example our printed colour map looks the same printed using 720 or 1440 dpi), but you may find that if your image is printed using 720dpi, where that image contains a more varied range of colours they may not all be evident in your print.

Budget option – Print at 720dpi

Printing using 1440dpi takes twice as long as printing using the lower print resolutions up to 720dpi used by most short run textile printers. That is why we have decided to offer a budget fabric option for those of you for whom our super high quality 1440dpi is not a requirement.

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