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Rough and Ready Sewing – Pillow Cover

ikea v shaped pillow cushion cover

We nipped down to Ikea before Christmas to pick up more bedding for the impending seasonal visits, but they didn’t have any covers in stock for the V shaped pillows which seemed a super comfy addition to our pillow stash. Don’t worry, I said. I’ll print up some cute fabric and make some covers. You can have them for Christmas.

All the visits are over now, as is Christmas, of course, but once I had decided what to print, which took an awfully long time, the actual sewing for the first of the covers only took about a quarter of an hour from start to finish. Rough and ready sewing, but it looks like a proper cover (I think!)

Here’s how I made the cover

  1. I printed 2 metres of cotton percale to be on the safe side; now that I’ve finished I think 1.5 metres would be plenty.
  2. I smoothed the fabric out on the floor and laid the V shaped pillow, which is more of a right angled pillow in fact, on the fabric, with a straight edge parallel to one side edge of the fabric.
  3. I considered the depth of the pillow, and moved the pillow in from the fabric edge to accommodate that depth.

  4. Again considering the depth of the pillow, I drew all around the cushion shape except for the edge that was parallel with the edge of the fabric.
  5. I cut the shape out.
  6. I laid the shape on top of the remaining fabric with right sides facing, lining up a straight edge of the cut fabric with an edge of the uncut fabric.
  7. I drew around the template.
  8. I cut out the 2nd piece of fabric.
  9. With right sides of the fabric facing I pinned the two pieces together.
  10. Starting at one end I sewed up one side and up around the top of the cushion, across one end, and up around the bottom of the cushion, down the next side and stopped leaving the one end of the cushion open.
  11. I tried the cushion cover for size and found it was fine except the curve around the top was a little generous, so I re-sewed the top making the curve a little tighter.
  12. I snipped into the top and bottom curves to give them some ease.
  13. Working with the inside of the fabric on the outside still, I folded over the raw hem twice and sewed around the edge of the open end.
  14. I sewed two poppers onto the open end.
  15. with the inside of the fabric still on the outside, I put my hand inside all the way down to the other end of the cover, grabbed the corners together with the corners of one end of the pillow, and pulled the cover all the way over the pillow.

That’s it. Now to think up another pattern for the 2nd cover…