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How to Hand Roll a Silk Scarf

Hand rolled edges make your scarf more fluid and drapey than a scarf that has machine sewn edges. It can be a time consuming job, but not all that difficult once you get going.

It is best to use a thin needle (a too-thick needle might pucker your fine scarf fabric) and a light weight thread. I am using a large-ish needle here and a strongly contrasting thread so that you can more easily see what is being done.

To Start off

Two Steps

  1. Go vertically down, just underneath the raw hem, and pick up a small stitch from the scarf body, i.e. from one layer only.
  2. Go vertically up, to the top of the fold: put the needle down into the top of the fold, and take it along about half a centimetre, before coming out through the top of the fold again.

Turn the corner

When you have finished hand rolling your scarf edges, you can lightly iron those edges to make them even more flat and neat.

Now print your own custom silk square for hemming