quick custom digital fabric printing

Preparing your Image for Printing

Sample First

We strongly recommend that you order fabric swatches, and sample your design first, before buying large quantities of custom fabric. You might be lucky, or you might be happy to accept whatever colour happens to emerge, but generally it takes time and trial to achieve the colour outcome that you have in mind when designing your custom fabric.

Accepted Image Size

We accept any size of image, although you can only upload files up to 128Mb in size via our website.

Accepted Image formats

Although any type of image file can be uploaded via our website, our preview process only works correctly with jpg, png, bmp or gif image files. You can email your image to us at hello @ lacunapress.com if you prefer, rather than upload it, or send us the file using some other method, e.g. Dropbox, WeTransfer.com etc.

If your file does not preview on our website, we can email you your preview if you ask us to do so.

Image Resolution

Choosing a different print resolution online allows you to scale (resize) your image for printing.

No matter what the actual dpi of your image is, when we print your image we will use the dpi that you select on screen. This means that your image on your printout will have the same proportions as your image had on your online preview.

Selecting a lower dpi on screen will make your image display larger on your print preview (and your print).
Selecting a higher dpi on screen will make your image display smaller on your print preview (and your print).

Print Quality

Selecting a higher dpi means that your image will have a denser, higher quality appearance. This is largely because it will also, of course, appear smaller.

Printing Detail

Some detail can be lost in printing, particularly when you are printing dark colours on dark colours. If this is a concern for you, please visit our colour school, especially the Adjusting Contrast, Darkness, and Detail within Photoshop page.


We strongly suggest that you visit the Lacuna Press Colour School to learn how to get the printed colour that you want.

Colours printed on fabric are likely to look different, for example more muted, than what you see on your screen. You may want to increase the intensity of the colour you see on screen in order to achieve what you want when you print your image onto fabric.

To ascertain whether the printed colour is likely to be acceptable to you, please consider ordering a colour map fabric sample or custom printed sample first.

Printing Black

It is hard to get a dark/true black on fabric with our printing method; it is better to expect a deep grey. Please note, also, that different fabrics are more or less able to produce deeper greys/black.

It can be possible to make dark printed colours darker by Adjusting Contrast, Darkness, and Detail within Photoshop.

Our RGB colour maps and fabric swatch pack will give you the best idea of what intensity of black, and other colours, can be achieved on our different fabrics.

What we do with your image

Our online preview shows you what we will do with your image. Essentially we take the image you upload and, scaling it to take account of the dpi you have selected, we repeat it to fill the material you have ordered, starting from the top left corner, using the pattern type you have selected (simple repeat, half drop, brick, herringbone or mirror).

If you upload an image that is exactly the size of the fabric you want to print onto, then there will be exactly one repeat of your image.