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New Fabric Printer

19th October 2018

We have retired our old fabric printer to make way for a new, improved printer that prints:

Colours will largely be the same from our new printer, except for orange shades, which vary a little.

Fabric swatches printed with our new printer
Fabric swatches printed by our new printer

New Image Layout Options

24th May 2018

We've been working on new pattern repeat options to give you more fabric design choices.

brick pattern repeat
Brick repeat
mirrored brick pattern repeat
New Mirrored Brick repeat
halfdrop pattern repeat
Halfdrop repeat
mirrored halfdrop pattern repeat
New Mirrored Halfdrop repeat
horizontal mirror pattern repeat
New Horizontal Mirror repeat
vertical mirror pattern repeat
New Vertical Mirror repeat
mirror pattern repeat
Mirror repeat
herringbone pattern repeat
Herringbone repeat
Give them a try!
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